Cork Flooring

Cork has been fashioned into flooring for hundreds of years. The wide selection of cork designs, colors & shapes have endless design possibilities. Natures perfect gift – Cork is the natural material carefully harvested from bark of the cork oak tree, which grows only in the forest plantations of the Western Mediterranean. It is a renewable & sustainable natural resource offering a wide range of functional properties in addition to great flexibility of design.

No trees are destroyed in the production of cork. Harvesting the cork oak is not harmful to the tree. By using cork products, we keep the forest alive, & the habitat undisturbed.

Benefits of Cork flooring

  • Great for kitchens and bathrooms as it is waterproof
  • Great for use in below grade installations
  • Very comfortable
  • Noise reduction

At Oak Bay Broadloom & Fine Floors, we not only sell cork flooring, but we specialize in on-site finishing of cork flooring. This extra step requires skill and experience, but will give you a floor that is easy to clean and a floor that looks amazing.

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